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Winnie Tushabe

  • Uganda
  • Bukompe

25 at the time of filming

27 at film release

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I may be with a vision, but life is short, but if I leave someone with that skill, that one person won’t stop that because Winnie is no longer existing. That’s why we think of giving them the skills that are sustainable, that will help them to live a long life. in my absence or my presence

Her fight


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YICE Uganda implements practical regenerative farming activities targeting last mile smallholder female and young farmers in rural Uganda. The goal of our intervention is three fold; to promote food security, to regenerate the biodiversity and achieve climate change adaptation, and improve incomes and nutrition for smallholder farmers. Since 2016, our intervention has directly benefited 1500 households. The households reached have achieved increased food security being able to have at least two meals per day, increased incomes through sale of farm produces, regenerated soils due to use of organic fertilizers, water harvesting and improved farming practices. We are scaling our work to refugee households in Uganda. Uganda hosts over 1.5 million refugees – these need support to get nutritious food for their households. At the moment, we have two critical needs. 1. Financing: Because we are expanding to a new area – and want to create impact to a bigger group of refugees, our needs are mainly around financing. For each household we support to access nutritious and sustainable food, we spend $100. Our goal is to reach 1000 households (impacting over 6000 individuals) in the next two years. We already have secured $50,000 in funding which can help us impact 500 households. We are looking for new partnerships, supporters and donors who can fund us with more $50,000 to reach our target of impacting 1000 refugee households. Our work is more needed now than ever before – because the refugee number is increasing in Uganda yet the government and World Food Program have cut funding for their food. Instead, they are given small pieces of land to grow their own food. Through our intervention, we can help them grow food organically and sustainably. 2. Networks and exposure. We believe that when we get the opportunity to share our work with the rest of the people, we shall attract more supporters and funders. We need to be able to show case our work, share our impact and be exposed to potential supporters. We hope we can get this opportunity with your support.

YICE Uganda


Winnie: in Uganda, she teaches permaculture to poor families

For her, the future of her country depends on agriculture that respects the Earth. While in Uganda, Winnie Tushabe taught permaculture to poor families and refugees.
She tells her fight in the movie @biggerthanusthefilm

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