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Mary Finn

  • Greece
  • Lesvos

22 at the time of filming

24 at film release

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The life that I want to live is one that fulfills me. I want to feel that I’ve done something with my life. That I’ve taken my privilege and I’ve given a little piece of that to somebody that is a little bit less fortunate than myself. That’s what makes me feel good.

Her fight


You can help

I encourage anyone interested in my work to learn for yourself what it means to be a refugee, asylum seeker or migrant but also what it means to be guided by humanism and love. We need to show that we care about what is going on and the reception of these displaced people. We need to show our leaders and our communities that we support these people and want to fight for their rights. No human being on this earth is illegal. No human deserves to die while seeking safety.

Si vous avez des qualifications spécifiques, du temps libre ou simplement la volonté d'aider, renseignez-vous sur les besoins des ONG dans votre pays ou ailleurs. Indigo Volunteers, en particulier, est une excellente plate-forme pour les opportunités de bénévolat.

If you want to support financially, there are many grassroots NGO’s doing fantastic work with the displaced communities in Europe, again the partners of Indigo Volunteers is great place to read about and support all of these incredible projects

Indigo Volunteers

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