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Memory Banda

  • Malawi
  • Nkwazi

22 at the time of filming

24 at film release

La contacter

Most often, young people, we undermine ourselves, we undermine our abilities. But I have learnt, that’s it’s really young people that can change the world and at the same time changing our communities. For my example, it’s actually young people, who pushed from the community level, and then carried the messages to the national level, and then saw all the massive changes, that are happening is Malawi… It’s actually young people driving the change.

Her fight


You can help

Foundation for Girls Leadership (F4GL) is a not for profit organization that is dedicated to responding to the challenges faced by vulnerable children and adolescent girls. Organization thematic areas:
1. Health
2. Education
3. Sexual reproductive health and rights including hiv/aids
4. Gender equality
5. Addressing gender based violence and mental health issues among adolescents
Currently the foundation is working on a mentorship and coaching program “Dream it, Be it: Career Support for Girls” funded by the Freedom Fund and the “She Dreams” Project being supported by the Mauch for Girls Foundation in Geneva (WMFFG Foundation) which will be supporting orphan children. The foundation is looking for funding partners to respond to its thematic areas
I have always wanted to build a community center for children support.
F4GL has a TalkShow, which is a digital platform for advocacy for young people. We are now hiring video production crew which is expensive. As such we are planning to start raising funds for purchasing heavy duty cameras as we are working towards setting up a studio for the program.
The foundation is open for international student researchers/volunteers.

Foundation for Girls Leadership

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