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You saw the film and you discussed, created, took initiatives nourished by these inspiring examples?

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Your reactions


MK2 Nation in Paris (France)

em business school in Lyon (France)

Rouen (France)

Forum des images in Paris (France)

Arcueil (France)

Gaumont Opéra in Paris (France)

Paris (France)

Mitry-Mory (France)

Cinéma Grand écran in Limoges (France)

Le Grand Bivouac Festival in Albertville (France)

With the schoolchildren of Jean Rostand in Moutiers (France)

"Les Ecrans du Doc" Festival in Decines (France)

Memory at the International Documentary Filmfestival (Amsterdam)

Memory at Bron High School (France)

Memory at em Lyon business school (France)

Memory at em Lyon business school (France)

Memory at em Lyon business school (France)

Exchanges with Memory on the empowerment of women

Memory during a session at Le Brady cinema in Paris (France)

Memory at Lycée Blaise Pascal in Charbonnières (France)

Memory at St Just high school in Lyon (France)

Memory received at the French National Assembly (Paris)

Flore at the 60th anniversary of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL in Niort (France)

At the University Center of Cambrai (France)

Winnie guest of the Geneva Film Festival and International Forum on Human Rights (Switzerland)

Screening at Goodplanet hosted by Yann-Artus Bertrand

Memory at Lycée Dumas (France)

In Lyon, with Chartreux students (France)

At Sciences Po Paris (France)

In Strasbourg, at the Saint Etienne college (France)

In Montpellier (France)

At Sainte Marie de Beaucamp high school (France)

In Trouville (France)

At the 2022 Césars ceremony where BIGGER THAN US was nominated in the “Best Documentary” category

BIGGER THAN US At the 2022 Césars ceremony (french)

At the National Congress of the Center for Young Leaders in Toulouse (France)

Memory at the Change Now Summit in Paris (France)

Flore and Melati at Impact2, an international event dedicated to the new economy and those who make it, in Paris (France)

Flore and Melati at ChangeNow, the global solutions event (France)

Flore at the Dutch premiere at the Tushinksi Theater

Flore at the Better World Forum where the film was awarded the "Best Achievement Award" (Dubai)

The event's website

Flore discusses with students from South Korea who have just attended a screening of the film (June 2022)

Melati in the middle of an interview on So Good Radio (France)

Your testimonials

Your creations

Educational workshop after the film in a 5th grade class (France)

Productions by Renan high school students (France)

Text by the students of the Renan high school (France)

Text by the students of the Renan high school (France)

Realization of the Raoul Dautry high school in Limoges (France)

When you say "Draw that movie" to high school students

Reactions from the room after the broadcast and Memory which exchanges with the students (french high shool)

Discover the podcasts of the Lycée Alexandre Dumas

The collective work of the Jean Perrin college in Lyon (France)

Discover the padlet that brings together their productions

Campaigns against discrimination inspired by the film


Link to the booklet (in french)

Watch the film

The film

Film teaser and clips

Film teaser and clips

The impact of the film

The impact of the film



Making of

Making of

The team

The team

Resources for the press

Resources for the press

Original soundtrack

Original soundtrack

Festivals and awards

Festivals and awards