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The impact

of the film

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BIGGER THAN US is much more than a movie. It is a tool to learn, to connect and hopefully to lift each other.

The 1100 contributors to our crowdfunding campaign got this: the theatrical release of the film is the starting point – and not the finish line – of a great collective adventure to raise awareness, to start a much needed conversation (on what to do next) and to activate people for alignement and change. This was, this is, in the DNA of our film.

You can help us by a thousand ways.

We never know what we trigger. But you can write to us to tell us or to be part of our next phase!

And in 30 months on the roads in FRANCE, here is what we can measure (again, this is France only: the film is now expected in more than 56 countries):

200 ,000+ tickets sold

150,000+ students and pupils

in dedicated theater screenings


self-organized screenings (professors, NGOs, companies, politicians)


self-organized screenings in France per month

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unique website visitors and 340,000 pages views


actions on the site (clicks, downloads, etc.)


educational kits downloaded

3 min. 52

This is the average time spent on this site by Internet users.

100 screenings

Universities and Business Schools organizing a screening: Université Paris Saclay, ESCP, ENS Lyon, HEC Alumnis, Centre Universitaire Hauts de France, Université Paul Valéry, la Sorbonne, Learning Planet, Maison de l'Apprendre, les CROUS, Sup de Pub, HEIP, Kedge Business School, IFM, Rennes Media School, IESEG, BTS GPN…

La Mayenne

First french department to offer the film to its high school students in theaters


screenings accompanied by the team


self-organized community screenings


French ministries support the film: Education and Higher education and research


major business schools and university massively rolling out as an educational tool: EMLyon and Sciences Po

Activation and change

Actions carried out by the public

  • Beach cleaning
  • Tree plantation
  • Creation of a campaign against stereotypes and discrimination
  • Boycott of Amazon and its business services
  • Contributions to NGOs
  • Registration for civic service
  • Direct support to the protagonists of the film

After seeing BIGGER THAN US, the students of two 3rd grade classes from René-Cassin college (Cancale) spent half a day "Let's clean up nature" on the port of La Houle.

Film Activist Awards:

  • Mohamad: Finalist for the Freedom Prize / Social Entrepreneur of the Year from EM Lyon
  • Winnie: Panel on Youth activists at FIFDH
  • Memory: ChangeNow Women of Change


International distribution

  • Award for the film : 3
  • International festival selections: 46
  • International Award Selections: 12
  • International distribution: 56 countries (Indie Sales)

We will never do this without our wonderful partners: Boulanger, Electro Depot, AFD, EM Lyon Business School, Ministry of National Education, Jour2Fete, BRUT, Indies Sales, Chanel.

This might be just he beginning. Join us. Help us spread support our campaign (organize or finance screenings, fuel our impact campaign or join the next phase of our project):