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Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

  • USA
  • Boulder, Colorado

19 at the time of filming

21 at film release

The good thing about this whole mess we’re in is that we created it. Therefore, we can reverse it, we can change it. We can shift humanity like this is our tipping point. What we face is the possibility and the opportunity to evolve from here. Because right now, we are just super wrack like greedy, like lame species that is benefitting off of the exploitation and destruction of all the human natural resources. The world and the economies that are thriving right now all because of how they have destroyed and exploited other people and other people’s land, resources and cultures, you know. And so fuck that. We don’t have to be that.

His fight



The power of music according to Xiuhtezcatl (exclusive clip)

"Rap is a powerful tool to get my generation moving," says Xiuhtezcatl. After more than a decade of protesting and advocating against the fossil fuel industry, he now relies on music, his Aztec heritage and his poetry to have an impact. Here is why, here are words and images you won't see in our BIGGER THAN US feature film. An exclusive bonus video, on Xiu.

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